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Maths Passport

Maths Passport

Helping your child with Maths at home

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"I can" statements

Calculation Policy
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Busy Bees Pupil Versions:  Missing Number    Missing Numbers     Multigrids    Number Bonds       Pyramids

Learn your tables        Ten Maths Miracles


30 hours free childcare

Nursery Admissions - September 2018

Guidance for parents and carers of children attending Nursery in the academic year 2018/2019 eligible for 30 hours free childcare:

Can I get help with my childcare costs

School Meals and Menus

St Anthony's school meals are freshly cooked on the premises every day.  A variety of healthy hot and cold food with vegetables and fruit is available for our pupils to choose from.  Most special dietary needs are catered for.

New menus were introduced after Christmas and the attached four weekly menus are currently served in rotation.  Please click on the link below to view the menus.

Menus for Summer/Autumn Term

Menus for Winter/Spring

Attached below is a link to the Manchester City Council school meals page which has a lot of information about nutrition and school meal provision.

Attached below is information on Medical Diets in School from Manchester Fayre, should your child have a food allergy or food intolerence.

Medical Diets in Schools

Nursery Admissions

We ask that all parents and carers register with as a condition of accepting the Nursery place.  Eligible families will receive a voucher code, which must be used in the School Nursery setting.

For parents and carers interested in applying for free school meals, this process can now be completed online by clicking this link  Applying online confirms the elibigility, or otherwise, instantly so there is no need to wait for replies to paper forms sent to the council offices.

The attached document contains detailed instructions on how to process the online application Application Guide for Free School Meal Checker